4 Star Hotels in NYC

New York City is far and away the largest and most populous city of New York State. Although Albany is the capital city of the state, and other notable cities such as Rochester and Buffalo are major American cities, none can match New York City for world class entertainment, shopping, dining, arts and culture. The worldwide appeal of New York City means there is an abundance of hotel room options for visitors, among which the 4 star hotels New York offer are high quality affordable options.

Although many think of New York City storage as simply Manhattan, and expensive real estate, this is just one of five boroughs which make up the city, the others being The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. All of the boroughs have their own attractions and appeal but it is Manhattan which is the most popular choice for visitors. The Empire State building, Broadway theater, 5th avenue shopping, and Central Park are all located in Manhattan.

Some of the neighborhoods in Manhattan form attractions in their own right and all contain some of the best 4 star hotels New York has to offer. These areas include Chinatown and Little Italy, both famous for their respective cultures, restaurants and cuisines, Greenwich village, known for its Bohemian culture and arts scene, Chelsea, for its gay scene, and Times Square and Broadway for the theater district and unique explosion of lights, attractions and sounds.

Manhattan is also home to much of the US entertainment, media, finance and commerce industries. The main financial district is located around Wall Street, on the south of the island. As well as home to the New York Stock Exchange, and Nasdaq, the financial district also contains many banks and business head offices. 4 star hotels in and around Wall Street have a range of facilities specifically catering for business travelers.

New York is served by three international airports, John F. Kennedy, and La Guardia, located in the New York borough of Queens, and Newark Liberty Airport which is actually in the neighboring state of New Jersey. There are many 4 star New York hotels situated close to the airports and they are ideal for both business and leisure travelers to the city, allowing for easy access to both Manhattan and the attractions and businesses within Long Island. All of the boroughs of New York are interconnected with excellent transport links.

The 4 star hotels New York has to offer represent the ideal choice for many visitors to the city. With a level of luxury that provides all the comforts, services and amenities for any length of stay, they form an ideal base from which to tour the city, see all the sights, and return to a New York space to call your own. Air conditioning will be standard in all guest rooms, which will additionally benefit from high quality furnishings, modern amenities and en suite bathrooms.

A 4 star New York hotel will also likely have a restaurant or other dining facility and additional guest facilities which may include leisure and business options. In order to make the most from your stay in New York it is a good idea to get all the right up-to-date information on the sights and attractions. Staff within a four star hotel in New York will help in any way possible to allow guests to enjoy the best of the city whether that is theater tickets, dinner reservation or the best local attractions. New York is widely regarded as the best city in the world and within its 4 star hotels, New York exemplifies the best of New York hospitality.

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